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shrike commander vs ?

Postby cowboyup » Sat Nov 21, 2009 9:58 am

Hi: What piston twins did you look at before you purchased your Aero Commander? After waying out the numbers of comparable twins such as the Cessna 310R, Baron, etc. what led you to your purchase and how has it worked out with regards to performance, maintenance and hourly costs? Has insurance been an issue?
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Re: shrike commander vs ?

Postby stratobee » Fri Nov 25, 2011 1:22 pm

I looked at Cessna Skymasters and Aerostars, and also with a dreamy eye towards Commanders (they were often out of my price range). I'm a certified high wing fanatic, so anything but a high or mid-wing was out of the question. Ruggedness and utility combined with cabin class travel is what I was looking for.

I came really close on a couple of Skymasters, but in the end an older Aero Commander proved to be the clincher. Wasn't what I had planned, but I'd always loved Commanders so when this came along at a good price, I couldn't resist.

Maintenance has been as expected, maybe a little higher. But this is my first year, so it takes a little extra to iron out the squawks. She hadn't been very well maintained in the last years, hence the lower price. Insurance was a real problem initially, but when I got AOPA's Inriance Agency onboard all my troubles went away. Within a week they found an underwriter at a good price. Performance is book, but because of her age I throttle back and fly a bit slower, normally. My cruise is around 140kts, but she can do 155-160kts if pressed.

I love my Commander.
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